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New UK representative

Since June 2020, Ciposa works with Mastrini MS Ltd to develop the MedTech market in the UK and Ireland. We will get to know Benoit Mastrini, the director of the company.

Ciposa NEWS: Hi Benoit, to start this interview, I would like to ask you what was your idea when you founded Mastrini MS Ltd?

Benoit: When I set it up in 2019, I was looking to provide a consulting service for manufacturing companies. My goal was to help them to develop their production tool. Whether it is by setting up a new production line. In this case we propose feasibility study and project management mandates. Or in the frame of ongoing improvement projects, for which we provide process mapping.  

CN: Listening to you, it seems that this is no longer the main activity of Mastrini MS Ltd?

Benoit: In fact, because of this global pandemic, there has been a reduction of the activity. In April this year, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Recomatic Group.

CN: What is the main activity of your company today?

Benoit: I'm in charge of prospecting and sales for the UK and Ireland. My goal is to identify interesting enterprises, contact them in order to present the expertise of the companies I represent, listen to them to understand their needs in order to define how I can best help them.

CN: If I understand right, you undertake the marketing and prospection work for the companies you represent on your territory?

Benoit: Absolutely, the first step is to be spotted and recognized by companies in the identified sectors. This means providing information about our services and expertise, whether in the trade press or on LinkedIn

CN: You don't have only a sales role?

Benoit: No, of course not, in the frame of a project, we are the privileged interlocutor. We support our clients throughout the process, from the order to the final acceptance, by providing technical and operational expertise.

CN: Thank you for all this information about your company and your services, a few questions about yourself now. To start with, what is your background ?

Benoit: I first obtained a BEP - BAC PRO and BTS diploma as well as a Brevet Fédéral in plastic injection and stamping. I then completed my training in the Rhône-Alpes region with a master's degree in mechanics and production control.

CN: Then what was your professional career?

Benoit: I started my career as an engineer in the Arve Valley (France), before working in China and then in Switzerland as projects manager. Finally, I moved to Wales.

CN: On a more personal point, how do you define yourself?

Benoit: I have two facets. Professionally, I am a precise person who plans his work. Privately, I am a social person who is passionate for rugby. First as a player and now as a Wales supporter.

CN: Let me come back to your company, how did you meet Ciposa?

Benoit: In fact, it was Recomatic who puts me in touch with Ciposa. I immediately found that this company, active in high-precision assembly, could generate interesting synergies with Recomatic.

CN: Benoit, thank you so much for this interview. We wish you all the best for this new project. One final question: "When you were 10 years old, you were sure that ...?”

Benoit: That I will work in the agricultural sector.

For more information or to contact Benoit Mastrini, click on the following link: Mastrini MS Ltd 

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