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Microparts Handler

In an interview with Maino Morici, Ciposa's Sales Manager, we introduce the Micropart Handler. The smallest machine in the Cimod AS range.

Ciposa NEWS: Hi Maino, how would you describe the Microparts Handler?

Maino: This is a modular and very flexible machine, designed to put small components from bulk into pallets, trays, bags or tubes. Its specificity is - thanks to an embedded vision system - that it can be used for dimensional sorting or aesthetic control.

CN: That's interesting indeed. However, I don't clearly understand? Ciposa is known for manufacturing fully automatic assembly machines, which can be filled directly from bulk. What is new with the Microparts Handler?

Maino: This machine was not developed to be a satellite of one of our assembly machines, it is destined to be used "standalone" as an integral part of a production department.

CN: How so?

Maino: Let's take a practical example: decreasing production batch sizes and increasing products variants numbers. This new context has created an increasing need for small components handling. The Microparts Handler perfectly meets this request.

CN: I understand. And, as this machine can be upgraded with a vision system, you take advantage of this to make this preparation step even more valuable, by ensuring the components quality and accuracy before the next production step?

Maino: That's exactly the point. The components can, for example, be inspected dimensionally or aesthetically before they are placed in the pallet. This ensures that the machine fed with these pallets will only have components that are compliant. This increases quality and efficiency.

CN: It's not a simple "Pick & Place", it's a machine that brings real added value, in which we find all of Ciposa's know-how.

Maino: This is indeed the positioning we have chosen. A high precision placement machine with added value. Moreover, as we are known in this market, we are often asked for special requests.


  • Ergonomic, less than 1m2 (1000 x 850 x 1750 mm)

  • User-friendly vision, adapted to "shop-floor level"

  • Cycle time ≤ 1 second

  • Repeatability ≤ 10 µm

  • Rigidity, welded base frame (not dependent on external perturbations)

  • Component inspection by vision, with Pick & Place

  • Dimensional inspection and sorting

  • Conditioning (palletize, tray-load or tube-fill)

  • Θ axis

  • Greased joints dispenser ©

  • MedTech compatible


For more information on this product, click on one of the following links: Microparts Handler or contact us.

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